I mentioned in a previous post that we are currently paying for a residential lot where we hope to build our own house on someday. Actually, we are in the process of acquiring 2 lots. The other one is located just a few meters away from across my parents’ house. I got it through a local government program that allows people to purchase a small lot for a low price and at very easy installment payment plan.

Currently, we can’t build a house on the lot yet due to some conflicts with the municipal office, so it functions as a planting area while we wait for the kinks to be ironed out.

This is the outdoor space that temporarily fills in the lack of outdoor space on my parents’ house. The land is not yet flat/level, but as you can see, it is already filled with different types of plants. We have vegetables like okra, eggplant, malunggay, kangkong, camote tops, alugbati. My husband recently planted cherry tomatoes in a few pots. We also have fruit-bearing trees like mango, avocado, guyabano, calamansi and atis. Other plants that we have are papaya, tanglad (lemon grass), pandan, aloe vera plant, chinese malunggay, ube (purple yam), gabi (taro). We even have a lone pineapple plant in one corner.

Last week, due to my daughter’s insisting, we purchased two young rabbits and fashioned them a cage out of an old dog crate. This week, she’s hinting that she wants live chickens. But chickens will be troublesome for the plants, so we’re not giving in.

I want this place to be the place where my daughter can play. We bring her here every morning when the sun is still forgiving. I had wanted to put a swing or sand pit that she can play with during the afternoons, but seeing that there are many mosquitoes in the area, it might not be a good idea. Right now, I really just want to level the land so it will be easy for her to roam around, investigate the plants, chase the butterflies and play.

And maybe have plants that are more tidy (the ube vine is taking over so much space) so it won’t look bushy. My husband is thinking of building a small greenhouse where he can grow more plants in pots. I’m all for more potted herbs.

But eventually, we need to build a house here (it’s part of the requirements of the program). If it were up to me, I’ll just build a small bahay kubo (nipa hut) on the land and keep the plants where they are. Having a backyard and being able to plant organic produce is really a nice.

However, I also need to look at this lot as an investment and the long-term plan is to build a place that we can rent out eventually. At the moment, we still don’t have a go-signal for any type of constructions and we’re not also in hurry because we don’t have the money yet. So, whether we’re going to leave a backyard space or maximize the whole lot remains to be decided on. For now, we’ll just use it as it is, make a few slight improvements and appreciate the benefits that we get from this outdoor area.