One of my biggest wishes is to finally move out of my parents’ house, as any responsible adult should do. But that’s not the most practical thing for our young family to do right now (as I’ve discussed here), so I’m contemplating on doing a room makeover instead.  The cheapskate in me feels that a room makeover is more of an aesthetic endeavor and not really a necessity. I have always considered it but have been putting it off for a long time, thinking it’s just a waste of money.

But overtime, as I look at the dirty floor and walls, the unsightly tangle of cords and cables, the chaos inside our bedroom, I become increasingly frustrated and stressed out. I long to have a room that is neat, organized and pleasing to look at. I understand how a harmonious color scheme can calm one’s mind and I yearn to feel that way when I’m in our bedroom. Deep inside, I know it’s not just purely aesthetic – a room makeover can be therapeutic and mentally stimulating – and I’m convincing myself that I need it.

And maybe if you see the room, you’ll see why. So here it is:

It was my bedroom since I was 9 years old. The first and last time it had a makeover was when I was in my twenties. Back then, it looked a lot worse, so you can imagine how happy I was when finally, I had a proper bedroom.

The floor is the same pink vinyl tiles, which are now old and worn out. A few weeks before I shot this, there was a colorful puzzle rubber mat on top of it (baby-proofing) which had become really dirty and dingy so it had to go. The walls were originally pink but we repainted it with green later on, something that I regret because it’s obviously the wrong color. Now, it’s just in an appalling state. The closet is still in this weird yellow shade, which is the same color of the door, that doesn’t go well with neither the walls nor the floor. Actually, none of the colors in the room complement each other.

A few years after I got married, we converted it into a home office (both my husband and I are working at home).  Before then, it functioned as both a bedroom and a home office (yes, we somehow managed to fit a computer in there.) Then after I gave birth to my daughter, we changed it back to a bedroom. And this is where we’ve all been sleeping since.

When I started working at home again, I asked my husband to build me a floating standing desk. Previously, there was a regular desk there, but for baby-proofing reasons, we put it away. I also prefer the standing desk because, aside from avoiding the negative effects of sitting down for long hours everyday, I can also put more things under the table (mostly, an ever-growing collection of baby toys and knickknacks).

This bedroom is small, just a little over 2 sqm, and we’ve been trying to cram as many things as we can in the space, without the feeling of being overwhelmed with too many things (if that’s possible). So we shifted, transferred and switched out stuffs as our needs change. And whenever possible, we find storage solutions elsewhere. Like, when we built a closet in another room so we can put our clothes there and only my daughter’s clothes remain in the small closet that we have in the bedroom.

We trimmed down her toys, stashed some of them away for future use and removed their plastic containers in exchange for the space under my standing desk. Because as my daughter slowly transitioned from baby to toddler, we needed to add a small foam mattress beside our bed so that even if she’s sleeping in the same room with us, she’ll get a sense of sleeping separately on her own bed.

And also because all three of us can no longer fit in a double-sized bed.  And that I’m going crazy putting away her toys several times everyday.

From the pictures, you can tell how jarring and disarrayed the room looks and that almost everything needs to be refreshed. I know this is a big undertaking and will need a substantial budget that’s why I’m hesitant to commit to it. But I also know, and I bet you will agree with me, that the room terribly needs some TLC. I’m sure my aesthetics-deprived self will thank me if I do decide to push through with this makeover. But I’m not over the fence yet.

I’ll update here if and when I find the courage to pull the trigger on this project.