Before writing this first post, I asked myself what is it that I want to blog about. Wanting to start a lifestyle blog, I know that there will be plenty of niches to choose from and I can easily pick a couple or more from those choices.

But I wanted to write about something that resonates well with me and my life. I know it’s inevitable that I will often write about things that other lifestyle bloggers have written about. Standing out, when a million others are already doing what you want to do, is going to be difficult. But if I find my own unique voice, and write, talk and develop this blog in that voice, somehow I know I have a chance to stand out in my own way.

So that’s what brought me to – change.

Right now, I’m in that mindset of change. I want changes in my life because it feels like for the past decade, I have stalled. I just stopped growing. I was afraid to get out of my comfort zone and so I didn’t. A few years later, I realized that’s one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever done.

Being in my comfort zone, I had less challenges, a laid-back position, but a limiting environment. I surrounded myself with familiar things that I can control, things that would make life easier but would keep me in a stagnant state. It’s like being in a comfortable box. You know you’re safe inside, but you’re not going anywhere. After a long while, my comfort zone has become a prison that I built around myself.

I traded possibilities, growth and fortitude for familiarity, safety and ease. But we all know nothing great comes out of a comfort zone, so I have to get out of mine.

And that’s where I’m coming from now and how I want to position this blog – from the perspective of someone who wants to change her life, little by little, step by step. It will be a long journey but hopefully, I’ll be able to sustain the momentum and faithfully document the process because this blog is part of the changes that I want in my life.

So here’s to a new beginning and more changes!