Font is very versatile design element. You can create a whole design based on fonts alone. I used to design wedding invitations for families and friends, and for myself when I got married, and choosing the right font combinations is an important part in the design process. They add personality to the invitation and can dictate the tone of the event – is it formal, casual, corporate, academic, etc.). And when I started working online and started designing websites and other web elements, having a variety of fonts to choose from is huge help.

Like free stock photos, there are many free fonts websites out there. But instead of rummaging through thousands of mediocre fonts to find the good ones, I prefer to go to websites that are curating and hand-picking the fonts that they give away. They comparatively fewer fonts and these fonts are not usually sorted, but in every page you are guaranteed to find unique, good, high quality fonts that will elevate whatever design project you’re doing.

Here are my favorite websites to search for and download free fonts (for personal and/or commercial use):



Free Fonts Link

You have to sign-up to download the free fonts. But as subscriber, you get first dibs on free fonts that they only offer for a limited time (one week only).




Free Design Resources

Free Fonts Link

One word: Sorted – makes it really easy to find fonts based on font types. You can also based on date uploaded and popularity.






Free Fonts Link

An authority in design, you’re sure to find awwward-winning and designer-approved fonts here.





Free Fonts Link

Yes, that popular online portfolio platform for designers is also a good place to find nice-looking fonts that are free to download.



Other free fonts websites worth mentioning:

Google Web Fonts

Font Squirrel


Do you have your favorite free font resources? Feel free share in the comments.