Yani, my daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday last January. We don’t hold parties every birthday but where we live, it’s customary to celebrate the 1st, 7th and 18th (for the girls) and 21st (for the boys) birthday in a big way. But since I opted for a small family gathering on her 1st birthday (because at that age I don’t think she would appreciate having a party yet), I promised myself that I will give her a proper party on her 3rd birthday, which I think is the perfect time as she already understands what’s going on and has a fondness for cakes and being with other kids.

Of course, I couldn’t plan a party without planning some DIY projects. It wasn’t lavish and elaborate but I want the guests to feel that they are in a kiddie party. There’s no specific theme, just a color scheme with pink as the dominant hue and complemented by other pastel colors.

Here’s a peek of the DIYs that I did and in the succeeding posts I will share how I did them.