I have only rented a place via Airbnb once and it was a good experience so I had wanted to do it again. However, due to budget constraints and busy schedule, we didn’t get the chance to go on a vacation, or even just a weekend getaway as often as I wanted.  In fact, last year I think we only had 2, including the Airbnb rental that I was talking about.

But that didn’t stop me from daydreaming and browsing Airbnb’s list of local rentals, and saving my favorites – you know, in case a vacation opportunity pops up from nowhere. While browsing, I noticed many lovely homes and enviable properties and I just can’t help but wish I lived in one of them. It would be nothing short of a dream come true.

So I thought of sharing my wishlist with you.

There are a lot of beautiful and interesting homes but I chose only the ones where I can envision my family settling in comfortably and happily and totally living the dream not just for a definite period, but for the rest of our lives. To that end, I have a few things to consider:

  • The design of the house, chiefly for aesthetic reasons. I don’t set my eyes on a specific style – it can be contemporary, farmhouse, traditional, etc – but I tend to gravitate towards houses with high ceilings, glass wall panels and/or floor-to-ceilings windows. I like a house that evokes a sense of openness, especially to nature, but can easily cover up when privacy is needed. Anything with seamless indoor-outdoor integration and open floor layout is ideal.
  • Materials and finishes used, mainly for upkeep concerns, because if we’re going to live in it, we must be able to maintain it without too much effort and expense. For example, native materials like pawid, sawali or bamboo can add a nice rustic charm to the place but they can be a maintenance nightmare. But too much of concrete and steel can also feel too industrial and utilitarian, which I’m not fond of. A nice blend of wood, stone, steel  and concrete, and perhaps accented by native materials, is what would work for me.
  • Amenities like backyard, pool, garden, a beautiful view or what have you, for obvious reasons. We’re home buddies so we want a house and a property that we can enjoy, where everyday can feel like a vacation. I personally, like to be surrounded with nature – so yes to trees and spacious outdoor areas.
  • Furniture and appliances can be a factor but because they are not permanent fixtures and can be replaced, I didn’t put much weight on them. A roomy, modern, US-standard kitchen, however, can be a game changer. And bathrooms must be at least decent – fully enclosed and can be easily maintained.


Airbnb Beach Houses

Let’s start with the most popular: homes with close proximity to the beach. Beach towns are among the most coveted places to live and whether oceanfront or with ocean view, many people dream of having a beach house. Although I don’t really consider myself a beach person, there’s this enigmatic draw that reels me in every time I see a beautiful beach house.



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It may not have the open floor layout or large glass panels that I want, but this simple colonial-style house looks cozy and the location of the beach at the back of the house and accessible through a cemented garden path is just perfect.



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Open layout, floor-to-ceiling glass panels, spacious, modern kitchen, large outdoor area with pool and beach access – this contemporary-style house seems to have everything I want. And the walls are all painted white like a blank canvas making it easy to add personal touches.



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Another contemporary-style house that easily integrates indoor and outdoor living spaces because of the use of folding glass panels. The furniture lend a touch of traditional charm making this feels like a modern Filipino hacienda. The beach may not be outstanding but is a good amenity nonetheless.



{ Airbnb Link }

Perched on a cliff and surrounded by lush trees and bushes, this white contemporary structure surely stands out. I love the 180 deg view of the ocean, the openness and free-flowing space, all glass walls on the front side of house that can be folded to seamlessly blend the indoor areas to the outdoor space. I’m missing a backyard though.



{ Airbnb Link }

This modern beach house is almost similar to the one above except it’s on a different beach (but both beaches are gorgeous and offer jaw-dropping views) has more rooms and larger outdoor area. I like the use of glass panels instead of steel frames to minimize obstruction to the breathtaking view of the ocean.



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A modern craftsman-style house with very pretty wooden floors and stone tiles and the best kitchen among the beach houses I listed here. The infinity pool, sauna and steam room offer ultimate relaxation. It’s some distance to the beach, but view is spectacular.



{ Airbnb Link }

This is not the best-looking house in the list. I’m not crazy about the choice of colors and furniture and the layout feels obstructive to the beautiful view. But this house sits on a slope of a hill with narrow cemented stairs that lead to a pocket of beach below and when you view it from the sea, it seems to blend well with its lush surrounding. It’s like my childhood dream house.


More Airbnb houses I wish we lived in here.